This is the official promotional video for the Kigali Street Kidz album. EDD volunteer Bret recorded the boys' vocals. The songs tell true stories of survival on the streets. They also contain messages of hope for other children and the people of Rwanda. Each vocal recording was sent to a different producer worldwide, and the result is this incredible album. Please download the music for free and share at will.
Thanks to the donations of friends and family, volunteers Bret and Dorota were able to order lockers for the boys at Les Enfants de Dieu from a Kigali coop where they turn reclaimed steel drums and scrap metal into useful products. Now, whenever boys at the centre go off to secondary school, they will have a locker with padlocks to carry and store their personal items.
The boys of Les Enfants de Dieu enjoy their holiday time on bicycles. Music is "Can You Hear Me?" by Beyondo, off the album Gold Tone.
The boys learn the importance of politeness, even in an openly creative environment. Set to more great music by Beyondo.
A group of children at Les Enfants de Dieu enjoy a little musical therapy. Pure, crazy fun... just what every child needs! Thanks Beyondo for the excellent track, "We Can Get Crazy" of their new album, Siren Science. Download it here.
This video shows the boys just having some good old-fashioned childhood fun. We took a bunch of UK-donated wheeled toys out of the storeroom at Les Enfants de Dieu this week. Boys played with them around the clock for a few days! On top of that, the new basketball rims are up! Get Beyondo's music here.
The hip-hop group Time Boyz is made up of former street children of Kigali, Rwanda who now live at EDD. Their song is a story of how a little girl and an older boy survived life on the streets by sticking together like brother and sister. The mission of Time Boyz is to give hope to other street children.
Thanks to many individual donations and the efforts of volunteers and staff at Les Enfants de Dieu, we were able to give a new pair of shoes to all 108 boys at the centre.
"Yes, Man!" is a short film by Bret Syfert about the legendary London breaker Pervez (Live 2 Break) travelling to Rwanda to share hope, life and hip-hop culture at Les Enfants de Dieu.
All videos © 2012 Bret Syfert.